Kind Horn Farm. Certified Organic Icelandic Sheep. Purebred, Registered Icelandic Breedstock.

Kind Horn Farm Ewe Lamb

Welcome to Kind Horn Farm, a certified organic Vermont Icelandic sheep farm. Our sustainable, organic methods of farming nourish the land and our animals.  The Icelandic sheep are a medium sized breed of sheep, well known for being a triple purpose sheep:  they are recognized world wide for gourmet lamb, lustrous and versatile wool, and amazingly rich milk for dairy and cheese making.

Kind Horn Farm specializes in certified organic Icelandic sheep for sale for registered breeding stock, fiber, and grass fed lamb.  We were the first farm in the US to acquire certified organic status with an Icelandic sheep flock. Our farm has the largest certified organic flock of Icelandics in the United States and Canada.  Kind Horn Farm is the only Icelandic sheep farm in the United States raising a flock that is both CERTIFIED ORGANIC AND REGISTERED with the Canadian Livestock Records Association.  We offer certified organic breedstock, certified organic fiber, and certified organic grass-fed lamb.  We are located in South Duxbury, Vermont, in the heart of New England.

We strive to be one of the premier breeders of Icelandic sheep in the United States and Canada.  Kind Horn Farm is actively breeding the "super sires" from Iceland using artificial insemination and our flock offers super diverse genetics and high percentages of AI lines in our pedigrees.  This translates to top quality animals for breeding stock with excellent meat scores, above average fertility, superb milking qualities in the ewes, and, of course, amazing fleeces.  We are enrolled in the United States Scrapie Program, Export Status, which allows us to export both ewes and rams to Canada.  Our flock is very healthy, with no history of foot rot, OPP, Johnes, CL, etc.

We are passionate about our Icelandic Sheep and about raising them organically. Our farm works in harmony with nature.

Why choose Kind Horn Farm for your Icelandic Breedstock?

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Latest News:

January, 2018: Breeding season is finished and breeding matches are up.  Breeding Pairings are listed on"Breeding Ewes" page.

Please contact us for 2018 stock for sale.  Expecting 60 lambs this spring.  Now taking reservations. We will have a selection of yearlings and mature ewes and rams available, also.

ICELANDIC SHEEPDOGS:  Planning for a late spring litter.

TESTIMONIALS — what others have to say about Kind Horn Farm...


I received the fleeces yesterday, and I skipped out of the post office with them.  I am just over the moon! they are the prettiest things that I have ever seen!
Right away, I took samples out of each bag, and washed them. They are so clean, and with not much lanolin, so one soak was enough. I then prepared them and spun them up in different ways.  I am in love!  I hope that I can do these beauties justice.....
And, oh!  I HAVE to have that dark/brown black fleece that you sent me a sample of.  Is it available still? Iif so, I would love to purchase it.  It is incredibly beautiful!
The colors of all of these samples are just so exquisite to look at.  Thank you for raising such beautiful animals with lustrous fleeces.
I am so very happy that I found Kind Horn Farm......
xx dina
-- Dina Warren, Nantucket Island, MA