Kind Horn Farm Kathy and Doug Boyden, owner/breeder
1920 Dowsville Road
South Duxbury



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TESTIMONIALS — what others have to say about Kind Horn Farm...

"As new and enthusiastic Icelandic sheep owners we are so grateful that part of our start up flock came from Kathy Boyden.   We did a lot of research before we reached out to farms in search of our flock.  Breeding lines, organic/natural flock management, and passion for the sheep were our top considerations.  We contacted Kathy early in our search but discovered that her 2013 lambs were already sold to farms all over North America.  We were disappointed but through our research and her recommendations we were able to build a strong, beautiful flock with great breeding lines.  We met Kathy again at a fall Sheep Festival in Vermo nt and discovered that she still had two beautiful rams lambs available!  We fell in love and were able to add one of them to our flock.  But that is just the beginning of the story!  When we picked up Arnica (our new ram) we began a relationship with Kathy that has helped us, as new Icelandic Sheep owners, not only survive our first year but really UNDERSTAND the needs and patterns of the sheep in a way that the sheep and we could flourish.  Her patient passion for these sheep and true willingness to share from her experience shifted our own experience from frustration and sometimes being overwhelmed to one of confident, healthy and well being sheep... and us!

Thank you, Kathy.  Truly these words cannot really express our gratitude and the gifts that a person like Kathy offers to not only the world of Icelandic Sheep, but the world in general as she strives to be as committed, connected, and full of love for the entire circle of life through which she and her sheep walk every day."
-Chris Berg and Cynthia Werth
Celandine Farm, Boylston, MA