Certified Organic Grass-fed Icelandic Lamb

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Though famous throughout the world for wool production, the Icelandic breed is predominately grown for meat in Iceland. Since the cool and wet climate precludes the production of most grains in Iceland, the breed has been selected to bring the meat lambs to slaughter weight off of the summer and fall pastures.

The Icelandic breed is considered a mountain breed, and historically mountain breeds have been milder in flavor, and leaner than the lowland breeds. The meat is indeed very tender with a mild flavor, and is generally described as gourmet meat. With the leaner, European style carcass, and the mild flavor, Icelandic lamb can appeal to the palate of even those consumers who avow they "just don't like lamb."
"Free-range, grass-fed Icelandic lamb is exceptionally fine grained and mild tasting; it is prized by chefs..."   Saveur Magazine, Sept. 5, 2009
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Certified Organic Grass-fed, Gourmet Icelandic lamb

Icelandic Farm Products - Certified Organic Grass-fed Icelandic Lamb


Each fall we offer CERTIFIED ORGANIC LAMB for sale.  Our gourmet Icelandic lamb is totally GRASS FED, no grain or other supplements.  Of course, no antibiotics, conventional dewormers, or growth hormones.  We offer lamb by the whole or half animal.  Cut to customer specifications and vacuum packed for your ease.  In September, we will send out cut sheets to our fall lamb customers.  Guides to lamb cuts are below.  Contact us for more details.

Custom cut whole lamb is retail price less 10%.

We also have select cuts available at farmers' markets, or call us for purchase at the farm.

Shanks:  $13.95 / lb

Ground:  $15.25 / lb

Sausage:  $15.50  /lb

Stew Meat:  $15.25  /lb

Leg of Lamb (bone in):  $15.25 / lb

Shoulder Chops, Round Bone:  $14.50 / lb

Shoulder Chops, Blade Bone:  $14.50 / lb

Loin Chops:  $22.95 / lb

Rack of Lamb:  $22.95 / lb

Shoulder Roast:  $14.50 / lb

Rib Chops:  $22.95 / lb

Neck Slices:  $13.50 / lb

Liver:  $9.00 / lb

Other organ meats:  $7.00 / lb


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