Kind Horn Farm Breeding Ewes For Sale

We will be listing more ewes available in early summer.   If you have interest in foundation ewes, please contact us now to secure a spot on our reservations list.  Any of our ewes for sale can be purchased as bred ewes for an additional $250.  Pickup/ delivery of bred ewes will be in January or early February.


Kind Horn Farm offers CERTIFIED ORGANIC, purebred Icelandic Sheep for breeding stock.  We are proud of our top quality AI genetics and diverse lines.   We give a 10% discount on 3 or more animals.  We hope you will find all the Icelandic sheep you want on our pages, but if you don't and need more variety, we have another farm we can recommend.  A deposit of $200 the purchase price of the animals will hold them until pick up or delivery.  Click on the following link if you would like to be directed to our site at the Canadian Livestock Records Corporation.
Spring 2018 Lambing:  We are accepting $200 deposits in order to get on the lamb reservation list; one, $200 deposit reserving the choice of one lamb.  The reservations are taken in order and allow the buyers to choose from the lamb list in turn.  First deposit in, gets first choice of the lamb list come spring, second deposit, second choice, etc.


  • Official health certificate issued by a veterinarian. ($50 value)
  • Pre-sale health care, including hoof trimming, shots up to date,  and conventional deworming upon the request of the buyer.
  • Ownership transfer and associated fees.
  • Health and Fertility Guarantee (see our FAQ's page).
  • Receipt of sale for your records.
  • Ongoing mentoring in Icelandic sheep management and organic practices.  We really do this.  Just ask those who have purchased starter flocks from us!  References gladly available.

CONTACT US if you are interested in more information. A call or email will hold lambs for a few days until a  deposit arrives (via check). Decisions on actual breeding stock quality are made in August. Your deposit will be returned or you can choose another lamb from our gorgeous selection if the lamb you reserve does not make breeding stock standards.

Please see our FAQ section for more information about delivery, registration, and health check, and other questions.  Starter flocks available at discounted prices.


Registered Icelandic Sheep For Sale - Kind Horn Farm - Icelandic Breeding Ewes for Sale



Twin, homozygous grey ewe.   Her lamb fleece won the blue ribbon for Natural Color- dual coat at the VT Sheep and Wool Festival.  Gorgeous fleece, long body, nice straight topline, excellent legs and evenly muscled overall.   AI genetics:  Raftur, Grani, Kveikur, Lodi, Kani, Morro, Blaevar, Hunn, Eldar, Kongur, and Molur for 70% AI.  This beautiful ewe could also be carrying moorit from her sire.  Excellent fertility so far.  Twins every year, including as a one winter ewe.

Sire:  TCE 689Y  AI Raftur son

Dam:  TCE 646Y

view pedigree:   TCE-821A

Date of birth:  March 30, 2013

Lambing Record: 2 (OWE), 2, 2


$825  Reserved

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Registered Icelandic Sheep For Sale - Kind Horn Farm - Icelandic Breeding Ewes for Sale


Beautiful deep black girl with lovely fleece.  Big ewe.  She comes from superb dairy lines at Dancing Lamb Farm.  AI genetics are 26% from Aboti, Flotti, and Kani.  She carries moorit and possibly spotting.  Excellent mother with lovely udder.  Raises beautiful lambs with wonderful fleeces.

Sire:  DL-937Z  Jasper

Dam:  DL-925Z

View Pedigree

Lambing Record: 1, 1

DOB:  April 2013


$725  Reserved


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Registered Icelandic Sheep For Sale - Kind Horn Farm - Icelandic Breeding Ewes for Sale

Lively twin, heterozygous white yearling ewe out of our a really fantastic ewe, Goldie,  and our AI Drifandi-son, Scoot.   AI genetics are 86% from Drifandi, Goli, Rektor and Hylur, Sponn, and Moli from the sire and Raftur, Kveikur, Grani, Gaddur, Laekur, Flotti, and Lodi from the dam. One of the top ewe lambs from last year.  She has proven herself now as a great mother raising a beautiful ram lamb this spring.


Sire:  AI Drifandi-son, Scoot   KTB-603B

Dam:   Goldie  TCE-826A

DOB:  May 7, 2015




$1000  Reserved


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ANGEL PON-074A AI Gandur daughter

Registered Icelandic Sheep For Sale - Kind Horn Farm - Icelandic Breeding Ewes for Sale


AngelA gorgeous dark grey ewe, carrying moorit and black for color.  Nicely conformed, excellent mother, lovely fleece.   She is an AI daughter of Gandur, a very powerfully built sire.   AI genetics are 75% from: Gandur,  Aboti, Flotti, Moli and Blaevar.  Birthed her twins very easily this spring.

Date of Birth:   April, 2013

Sire:   Gandur  AI Sire  07-845

Dam:  DL-512U  Gwen

View Pedigree

Lambing Record: NB, 1, 2

$ 850  Reserved

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Registered Icelandic Sheep For Sale - Kind Horn Farm - Icelandic Breeding Ewes for Sale



A beautiful black grey twin ewe.  She carries moorit under her black grey.  Love the super stocky build on this girl.    AI genetics are 70% from Throttur, Lodi, Mango, Grani, Kjalvar, and Blettur, plus Grimur, Bambi, Hunn, Morro, Moli, Heli, Hynkill, Eldar, Laekur, Flotti, and Kjalvar.   Very square, great conformation with straight legs and terrific chest, and lovely wool.

SIRE:   TCE 902A

DAM:  TCE-522A  AI Throttur daughter

Date of Birth:  May 22, 2014

Lambing record:  NB, 1

View Pedigree

$ 800  Reserved

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GOSSIE KTB 302Y AI Dropi daughter

Registered Icelandic Sheep For Sale - Kind Horn Farm - Icelandic Breeding Ewes for Sale


A beautiful white twin out of AI sire Dropi and our ewe Whoopi.  She will carry black and spotting from her mom.  AI lines include 50% Dropi, plus Udi, Grimur, Flotti, Morro and Molur for 69% total AI genetics.  AI sire Dropi is described by the South Ram AI station as having a long, strong head with a broad neck well connected to the shoulder. The shoulder is well muscled.  Gossie has a broad wide chest, a muscular rack, and her leg is muscular, big and deep, like her sire.

Born:  April 19, 2011

Sire:  06998 Dropi   AI SIRE

Dam:  KTB 108W  Whoopi

View Pedigree

Lambing Record:  2, 2-VAI, 2, 2

$825  Reserved


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