Icelandic Wool Felting Batts

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The Icelandic sheep produces a premium fleece. The fleece is dual coated, with a fine, soft undercoat called thel and a longer, coarser outer coat called tog. Icelandic fleeces are open and low in lanolin. The weight loss when washed is significantly less than many other breeds. To read more about their fiber, click here.

Icelandic Fiber Batts

Icelandic Farm Products - Icelandic Wool Felting Batts


Fiber that is collected at the output of the carder in the form of a batt.  Useful for felting, quilt filling, and some handspinners prefer their fiber in this form.  We currently have batts available in a very dark greyish brown color.   This is very high quality fiber that is quite soft.  Icelandic fiber is highly sought after by felters, as it felts very easily, both for wet felting and needle felting.  Picture coming soon.   Available by the ounce.


$ 2.25 per ounce.                                   Call or email to order.



Icelandic Farm Products - Icelandic Wool Felting Batts

Llama at Blue Frog Farm

We currently have two llama fleeces available unskirted from our spring shearing.  One grey and the other is a creamy color with red tones (llama pictured at left).   

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