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Fowl Play Egg Farm


My brother Lucas (10) and I (12) started our egg farm in early may, 2009.  Our younger brother, Hale (7), helps us out sometimes.  We started our with 16 Speckled Sussex and 16 Light Brahma chicks.  About half of them ended up being roosters, so all but two of these ended up as meat birds.  We kept one rooster of each breed so that we can raise our own chicks eventually.

We now have  9 Light Brahma hens, and 4 Speckled Sussexes, and in February we added 8 Araucanas pullets to our flock.  The Araucanas lay beautiful light teal colored eggs.  We have mostly been selling our certified organic eggs  to people who live on our road.  Opening our egg cartons is fun, with each dozen eggs offering all different shades of light browns and teal.  Our flock is now producing about a dozen and a half eggs per day.

Last May, right after our new baby brother, Ripley, was born, our family worked together to build a chicken coop inside our barn.  Our chickens have a really nice coop with a 14 foot ceiling.  We may need to add on soon though, as our chicken business grows and we need more hens.  Our chickens always have outdoor access, even in winter.  In the summer they are out on pasture, eating lots of fresh grass and bugs.  These eggs are really tasty and good for you!


We just got 10 more Chickens!!!! 7 araucanas, & 3 wellsummers, who lay VERY dark brown eggs.


About 2 months ago 1 of our hens "Henny penny" got broody, So we put 4 eggs under her and 1 of them hatched.  Her chick is currently doing very well, we are not sure if it is a boy or a girl yet, but it is extremely pretty, golden brown in colour.

About a week later, another one of our hens, Red, a Speckled sussex ran away, we thought a fox had eaten her but then she came back and we followed her and found her with 19 eggs under her!! About a week after we found her, 9 of her eggs hatched! Red's chicks were orphaned shortly after when Red actually did get eaten by a fox, but despite that, they are now doing fine.




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