Testimonial - Linger Fold Icelandics, Colorado

What Others Have to Say about Kind Horn Farm

"Our start in Icelandic sheep has come from Kathy Boyden in VT, both in terms of our initial breeding stock purchase and in her outstanding mentorship. Knowing from conversations early on with Kathy about the unique Icelandic breed and re: her organic practices that we wanted to work with this devoted shepherd and grass farmer, our journey began with a stunningly beautiful and sound Kind Horn Farm starter flock (which we hauled cross-country to Colorado). The healthiest and happiest sheep imaginable arrived at our farm ready to begin work! And Kathy's support though our beginning shepherds' learning curve has been patient, thorough and unflagging. Bravo, Kathy, for your excellent work."

Rosemary and Kenn Brown
Linger Fold Icelandic Sheep
Meeker, Colorado



Testimonial - Celandine Farm, Massachusetts

What Others Have to Say about Kind Horn Farm

"As new and enthusiastic Icelandic sheep owners we are so grateful that part of our start up flock came from Kathy Boyden.   We did a lot of research before we reached out to farms in search of our flock.  Breeding lines, organic/natural flock management, and passion for the sheep were our top considerations.  We contacted Kathy early in our search but discovered that her 2013 lambs were already sold to farms all over North America.  We were disappointed but through our research and her recommendations we were able to build a strong, beautiful flock with great breeding lines.  We met Kathy again at a fall Sheep Festival in Vermo nt and discovered that she still had two beautiful rams lambs available!  We fell in love and were able to add one of them to our flock.  But that is just the beginning of the story!  When we picked up Arnica (our new ram) we began a relationship with Kathy that has helped us, as new Icelandic Sheep owners, not only survive our first year but really UNDERSTAND the needs and patterns of the sheep in a way that the sheep and we could flourish.  Her patient passion for these sheep and true willingness to share from her experience shifted our own experience from frustration and sometimes being overwhelmed to one of confident, healthy and well being sheep... and us!

Thank you, Kathy.  Truly these words cannot really express our gratitude and the gifts that a person like Kathy offers to not only the world of Icelandic Sheep, but the world in general as she strives to be as committed, connected, and full of love for the entire circle of life through which she and her sheep walk every day."
-Chris Berg and Cynthia Werth
Celandine Farm, Boylston, MA



Beautiful, Beautiful Fleeces

What Others Have to Say about Kind Horn Farm


I received the fleeces yesterday, and I skipped out of the post office with them.  I am just over the moon! they are the prettiest things that I have ever seen!
Right away, I took samples out of each bag, and washed them. They are so clean, and with not much lanolin, so one soak was enough. I then prepared them and spun them up in different ways.  I am in love!  I hope that I can do these beauties justice.....
And, oh!  I HAVE to have that dark/brown black fleece that you sent me a sample of.  Is it available still? Iif so, I would love to purchase it.  It is incredibly beautiful!
The colors of all of these samples are just so exquisite to look at.  Thank you for raising such beautiful animals with lustrous fleeces.
I am so very happy that I found Kind Horn Farm......
xx dina
-- Dina Warren, Nantucket Island, MA



Testimonial - Rocks End Farm, Quebec

What Others Have to Say about Kind Horn Farm

"We are so happy with our decision to start our new farm enterprise with sheep from Kind Horn Farm.  This past August we purchased and imported to Canada 11 sheep - 9 ewes (including 3 lambs, 3 yearlings, and 3 mature ewes) and 2 rams (a yearling and a lamb).

I knew from the moment that we first called that we were making the right decision to buy our flock from Kind Horn Farm. Kathy worked with us to help us select the very best animals from her flock to suit our farm goals of organic meat and fibre production. She helped us to maximize the genetic diversity of our new and growing flock.

As there are very few Icelandic sheep in our region (West Quebec/East Ontario), we are very pleased that we were able to start off with a flock with excellent, AI genetics. And since we are certifying as organic, it was a real benefit to start off with sheep that had already been thriving under organic management. Our sheep came home healthy, hardy, and have coped with the transition very well.

Importing ewes is a lot of extra work, both for the buyer and the seller.  Kathy worked with us every step of the way, from helping us to figure out the legalities and paperwork required, getting the additional tattooing and vet checks, and helping us to make sure it all went as smoothly as possible.

Kathy has mentored us before, during, and since the purchase. As new shepherds, it has been great being able to pick up the phone and get answers to our (many) questions. Kathy has so much knowledge on natural sheep care, organic management, and she really appreciates and cares for the welfare of her sheep, even after they’ve left her farm.

It has been our privilege to work with Kind Horn Farm. Thanks, Kathy!

--  Erin Krekoski, Rocks End Farm, Catley, Quebec, Canada



Easter Lamb Raves

What Others Have to Say about Kind Horn Farm

Hi Kathy ~

I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the leg of lamb that I purchased from you for Easter dinner.
You were right - it was sweeter and milder meat and the recipe that you were kind enough to share was perfect.

I'm glad I got to meet you and be introduced to your beautiful farm.
Hope to see you again soon.

Karen Wright




I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful leg of lamb.  My most finicky son proclaimed that lamb was now his favorite meat, which is high praise.  I am sure I will contact you next year, if not before.

Lisa Flood


This Easter, our plans to travel fell through when my daughter spiked a fever. Suddenly without an Easter dinner, we saw on facebook that Kind Horn Farm would be at the Capitol City Farmer's Market on Saturday. My husband and I headed into town that morning and found Kathy there with a bounty of beautiful lamb cuts. We chose the perfect leg to enjoy the next day. Sunday afternoon our house smelled so good! We roasted the leg simply, surrounded by locally-farmed root veggies. Having grown up eating the occasional grocery-store lamb as a "treat," I was delighted by rich flavor of the succulent tender meat. (And the ground lamb we bought the same day made the best burgers I've had in a long time.) Thank you, Kind Horn Farm!


Dream Roving

What Others Have to Say about Kind Horn Farm

Just to let you know the icelandic is beautiful and a dream to spin.  I'm very happy, thank you.

I found the service from Kind Horn Farms to be prompt and pleasant.  The roving is clean and thin so no predrafting was required.  Just sit and spin.  You'll be sure to be hearing from me again.

-- Stephanie,  PeriodPerceptions.com


Testimonial - Bittersweet Hill Farm

What Others Have to Say about Kind Horn Farm

I am very happy with my decision last spring to purchase breeding stock from Kind Horn Farm. Kathy's commitment to genetic diversity, animal health and welfare, and organic practices have resulted in a beautiful, healthy, and hardy flock at Kind Horn Farm. I was able to choose a small starter flock that fit the needs of my homestead and will provide a solid foundation for years to come. The yearlings and ram lamb I bought from Kind Horn Farm were strong and healthy, and immediately set to work improving our old pasture land. Kathy has gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about natural sheep care, and she continues to offer helpful tips and advice for raising my Icelandic sheep. I appreciate that all the animals came with a vet check, and all of the necessary paperwork was done in a timely and professional manner. The care Kathy offers to her sheep was evident in every step of the sale process. I appreciate having started my adventure with Icelandics with sheep from Kind Horn Farm.

-Melanie Viets
Bittersweet Hill Farm


Kind Horn Farm Lamb

What Others Have to Say about Kind Horn Farm

"I'm hooked.  The ground lamb from Kind Horn Farm is incredible.  I need to eat at least one lamb burger a week or I feel like my life is empty.  Who needs beef when I can eat their lamb.

-- Chris Pierson, So. Duxbury, VT


Testimonial- High Ridge Meadows Farm

What Others Have to Say about Kind Horn Farm

When we first decided to start a flock of Icelandic sheep on our farm, we did a lot of research on the breed and knew that Icelandics would be a great choice for the cold climes of Vermont, but… that’s all we knew! Kathy was so knowledgeable in every aspect of this breed and shepherding.  Her website is chock full of information for those of us who have little to no experience; what to buy right off, parasite prevention and monitoring, health issues, lambing, -you name it and it’s there.  Most importantly, Kathy makes herself available for any questions well after the initial purchase is made. I have always gotten a prompt and very informative reply to my many emails (and phone calls!) She remains interested in how we are doing and even now will send off a piece of information that she thinks would be helpful or important to note.

We have been so pleased with our purchase of our sheep and the support that Kathy has consistently provided to us. She shares her wealth of information in friendly, yet professional way and has truly been our lifeline in this new endeavor!

-- Mary Moran, High Ridge Meadows Farm

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