Icelandic Wool Fleeces

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We have just finished our fall shearing.  As usual, the fleeces are gorgeous, long and with beautiful lustre.  We managed to get some skirted to enter at The Vermont Sheep and Wool festival.  Kind Horn Farm came away with the BLUE RIBBON for Natural Color- Longwool category!   I will be adding these fleeces to the website as I get them skirted.  Please do email or call if you are looking for a special fleece.   I always have lots of gorgeous fleeces, lamb and adult, on hand.

Read this testimonial I received recently from a very happy raw fleece customer:

"I received the fleeces yesterday, and I skipped out of the post office with them.  I am just over the moon! they are the prettiest things that I have ever seen!
Right away, I took samples out of each bag, and washed them. They are so clean, and with not much lanolin, so one soak was enough. I then prepared them and spun them up in different ways.  I am in love!  I hope that I can do these beauties justice.....
And, oh!  I HAVE to have that dark/brown black fleece that you sent me a sample of.  Is it available still? Iif so, I would love to purchase it.  It is incredibly beautiful!
The colors of all of these samples are just so exquisite to look at.  Thank you for raising such beautiful animals with lustrous fleeces.
I am so very happy that I found Kind Horn Farm......"
xx dina
-- Dina Warren, Nantucket Island, MA



The Icelandic sheep produces a premium fleece. The fleece is dual coated, with a fine, soft undercoat called thel and a longer, coarser outer coat called tog. Icelandic fleeces are open and low in lanolin. The weight loss when washed is significantly less than many other breeds. To read more about their fiber, click here.

Kyri's lamb fleece. Certified Organic

Icelandic Farm Products - Icelandic Wool Fleeces


CERTIFIED ORGANIC LAMB FLEECE.  This is truly an standout Icelandic lamb fleece.  A beautiful mix of warm, darker grey tog and nice thick, super soft grey thel.   Absolutely stunning grey lamb fleece that is one of the top three from last fall shearing.   This fleece will spin up to be a nice medium/ dark warmer grey yarn.

Weight:  2.1 pounds

$ 84 plus shipping     SOLD!




Wynonna's Fleece

Icelandic Farm Products - Icelandic Wool Fleeces


Wynonna's yearling fleece is so excellent.  One of the two best yearling fleeces from last fall shearing.   Hard to distinguish from a lamb fleece in the fineness of the tog.  Wynonna's lamb fleece won a blue ribbon at the VT Sheep and Wool Festival.  Plenty of downy soft thel and delicious warm grey tones.   Will spin up to be a lovely warm light grey.  Enjoy!

Weight:  2.5 pounds.

$ 75 plus shipping.







Mossy's Lamb Fleece

Icelandic Farm Products - Icelandic Wool Fleeces


Just a beautiful lamb fleece.   Will spin up to a super sweet, very light warm grey color. Overall nice curly tog.  Excellent amount of soft thel.   Lightly skirted.

Weight:  2.6 pounds

$ 90 plus shipping



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